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Image of Sarah Mason

Sarah Mason, Ph.D.

Director, Center for Research Evaluation
Sarah's goal is to make evaluation as useful as possible, for as many people as possible. She combines her experience as an early childhood educator and an international development practitioner with extensive knowledge of evaluation theories, approaches, and methods.

Joey Rutherford, Ph.D.

Assistant Director
Joey makes sure our center runs! He combines extensive knowledge of the higher education system with more than a decade's worth of experience at CERE, ensuring we get things done and get them done right.

Shannon Sharp, Ph.D.

Research Associate
Our resident school psychologist, Shannon combines her knowledge of evaluation with practical, real-world understanding of working within school systems to create healthy learning environments for all children.
Image of Hope

Hope Gilbert, Ph.D.

Research Associate
As an epidemiologist with nearly a decade of experience in the defense sector, Hope combines her evaluation expertise with knowledge of the public health and defense industries.
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