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All around the world individuals and organizations work hard to achieve positive change. We help these organizations collect, interpret, and use evidence about their work to maximize their impact.

What We Do

Established in 1999 as a resource for the University of Mississippi and the wider Mississippi community, we have spent the last 20 years supporting local, state and national organizations to learn more about the impact of their work.

External Evaluation

We run external evaluations! We will walk you through a series of simple steps designed to understand your evaluation needs, then design an external evaluation approach to match those needs.

Evaluation Education and Training

We will help you learn more about evaluation! We will run workshops and seminars about evaluation for your team, or can work alongside you, offering feedback, advice and analysis assistance as you lead an evaluation of your own.

Building Evaluation Management and Tracking Systems

Do you need to track the impact of your research and your work? We are building an online evaluation management and tracking system to support evaluation users through the tracking and evaluation process.

Research on Evaluation

We are committed to doing ongoing research about how to do good evaluation so that organizations learn from, and use, the evaluations they do. We are building a program of research around improving the quality—and value—of evaluation.

Our Partners

We believe that evaluation is not just a check-the-box exercise, but instead is a foundation for learning, improvement, and—ultimately—doing as much good as possible.

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