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Do you want to learn more about evaluation? We also conduct workshops and seminars about evaluation—on both introductory and more advanced topics—so you can design and lead your own evaluations. Alternatively, we can work alongside you to coach and support you through an evaluation of your own.

Build the fundamentals through intensive evaluation workshops

If you are new to the idea of evaluation and need to get your head around key concepts—fast—our workshops are the place for you! Grounded in research on expertise, our workshops create opportunities for participants to gain new skills, practice those skills, and get feedback on their progress in a cost-effective, low-risk environment.

We offer workshops on:

  • Evaluation planning. If you need to put together an evaluation plan, try our evaluation planning workshop, Creating space from the start: Preparing your Evaluation Plan.
  • Designing data collection tools. Know what you want to collect data about but not sure where to start? Consider an introductory workshop on designing data collection tools, Getting good data: Designing data collection tools that work.
  • Quantitative data analysis. Have some data but don’t know what to do with it? Try our quantitative data analysis workshop, Learning to love the numbers: An introduction to basic quantitative analyses.

We can also design customized workshop topics to meet your needs.

Get advice and support as you work your way through your own evaluation

If you aren’t in a position to support an external evaluation but want someone to turn to for questions, advice and support as you lead your own, contact us about evaluation coaching. We will:

  • Regularly meet with you for feedback and advice.
  • Provide written and verbal feedback on evaluation plans, data collection tools and evaluation reports.
  • Connect you to key resources and supports that match your needs.
  • Advise, or assist, with data analysis.
  • Work with you to embed processes that support evaluation learning, reflection and use.
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