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Calling All University-Based Evaluators!

Calling all University-Based Evaluators!

Eden Kyse, Samuel Robison, Joey Rutherford, Sarah Mason

Do you work or run a university-based evaluation center? Are you thinking about doing so? Come network, learn and brainstorm with AEA’s newest Topical Interest Group (TIG) at Evaluation 2019.

Why a University-Based Centers TIG?

For evaluators based out of a college or university, there are a number of distinct constraints and benefits that impact our work. The vast bureaucracy associated with a large, complex system (i.e. a university!) can make the job of developing new work, hiring staff, getting contracts approved an intensive endeavor.  Evaluation units are frequently embedded in larger colleges and administrative entities where complex chains of command can be difficult to navigate.

On the other side of the coin, being housed within a university brings name recognition and a built-in reputation that is not available to many other professionals.  Generous fringe benefits may be available to full time employees, and university resources such as the library and institutional review board (IRB), or expert faculty set these organizations apart.

What we’re doing

The University-Based Evaluation Centers Topical Interest Group (TIG), established in 2019, provides a forum for practicing evaluators based out of universities and colleges to network, problem solve, and disseminate knowledge. We aim to ensure that university-based evaluators have a place to share experiences and build understanding about how to thrive within the unique context of a university setting.

Our primary function of this TIG is to discuss practical issues and concerns that affect university-based evaluators, keeping a focus on how the setting in which we practice evaluation can affect how we practice evaluation.

The TIG’s objectives are to:

  • Establish a vibrant community of university-based evaluators
  • Create a hub where university-based evaluators can debate and discuss issues of shared concern, ask questions and share resources
  • Provide opportunities to network with others working in university-based evaluation settings
  • Share resources about how to operate within the complex bureaucratic settings associated with colleges and universities
  • Coordinate and disseminate research on strategies and tactics for effectively operating university-based evaluation centers

Connect with the University-based Centers TIG at Evaluation 2019

If you’re heading to Evaluation 2019 in Minneapolis next week, we’d love to meet you!

  • Stop by the TIG Table:Thursday, November 14 at 1:00-3:00 in the Exhibit Hall (Table 57)
  • Come to the TIG Business Meeting:Thursday, November 14 at 6:00-6:45 in CC L100-E
  • Drop in to the TIG Reception:Thursday, November 14 at 6:45-7:30pm in CC Auditorium Main Foyer (Group 4)
  • Meet up for a Group Lunch:Friday at 12:30pm at Hen House Eatery (114 South 8th Street). See menu and prices here: (Please email Eden,, to RSVP so we can adjust the reservation accordingly). ALL ARE WELCOME!

Help shape AEA’s newest TIG and learn about the growing field of University-based Evaluation Centers.

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