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How do universities build a sustainable research enterprise that have a positive impact on obesity-related public health issues?

The Mississippi Center for Clinical and Translational Research represents a partnership between the University of Mississippi Medical Center, the University of Southern Mississippi, and Tougaloo College.

Funded by an Institutional Development Award Program (IDAP) grant through the National Institute of General Medicine Sciences, the MCCTR aims to improve the health of Mississippians by boosting the infrastructure required to support obesity-related research across university campuses.

The MCCTR initiative focuses on seven “core” functions, which focus on building research capacity among university faculty, ensuring faculty research is relevant to–and connected with–community interests and needs, and ensuring researchers have the skills to lead clinical and translational research projects.

CERE is leading the MCCTR’s Tracking and Evaluation Core, providing traditional formative and summative feedback on Core activities, while also tracking the impact of the center’s research on obesity

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