Center for Research Evaluation

University of Mississippi
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  • The Center for Research Evaluation (CERE) is committed to providing a broad spectrum of high-quality research and evaluation services to departments, programs, and faculty at the University of Mississippi, including within the School of Education, as well as public and private agencies, nationally and internationally.

    CERE has a longstanding history of providing evaluation services to help departments, programs, faculty, and agencies determine the effectiveness of their efforts to make a positive difference in the programs they offer. Traditionally, Education-related evaluation services weres the primary focus of CERE’s work, which is accomplished to assist project developers or implementers in determining whether their activities were successful and goals established within the program or project met. CERE has expanded to include evaluation activities in all areas of education, public service, and other evaluation activities.  In connection with its evaluation services, CERE’s work also helps constituents discover areas in which they could improve programs and build on successes.