Center for Research Evaluation

University of Mississippi
  • We work with people and organizations to find out if their work is making a positive difference.   

    All around the world, people and organizations work hard to achieve positive change. Some work to improve literacy, while others might hope to improve well-being, or help communities recover from disaster. At the Center for Research Evaluation (CERE), we work with these organizations to collect, understand, and use evidence.

    At CERE, we love evaluation! Our goal is to help our partners get the evidence they need to maximize their impact. We believe that evaluation is not just a check-the-box exercise, but instead is a foundation for learning, improvement, and–ultimately–doing as much good as possible.

    Housed within the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at the University of Mississippi, we draw from a wide range of evaluation strategies to help organizations:

    • Understand how their programs are being implemented on the ground
    • Investigate the impact of their work
    • Build their own evaluation capabilities, and
    • Embed learning processes to support ongoing adaptation and improvement.