Center for Research Evaluation

University of Mississippi

We’d love to work with you so we can all learn, adapt and improve…

As evaluators, our job is to help you do the most good possible. We will work with you to collect, interpret, and use evidence so you can maximize your impact.

We draw from a range of evaluation approaches to get actionable answers to important questions about your work. We can:

  • design tailored evaluations that meet your learning needs
  • build your evaluation capacity so you can design and lead your own evaluation
  • work with you to interpret evaluation findings and identify opportunities for adaptation and improvement.

Our evaluation services

We can run an external evaluation for you! Whether you have been asked to do an evaluation by your funder, or you just want to learn more about your work, we will lead you through a series of simple steps to understand your evaluation needs, then design an evaluation approach to match those needs. We want evaluation to be fun, simple, and useful, so will tailor all our work to your specific context.

We have expertise in a wide range of evaluation approaches and methods, including experimental, quasi-experimental, and qualitative approaches. We are also experienced in survey and instrument development, longitudinal tracking, qualitative data collection and analysis, program theory and logic model design.

Our capacity building services

We can help you learn more about evaluation! We can run workshops and seminars about evaluation for your team–on both introductory or more advanced topics–and can help you design your own learning agenda, or work alongside you to support you through an evaluation of your own.